Our "Yes on Prop 37" Corn Field Hits the Road!

We've assembled all the amazing corn cobs people have knitted into a lovely portable Corn Field promoting our right to know what we are eating by supporting and getting info out about California's Prop 37.

Prop 37 is a common-sense measure that will allow us to make informed choices about the food we eat by requiring clear labels that tell consumers if foods have been gentically modified.
For more information on GMOs and Prop 37 visit: http://www.carighttoknow.org/tags/proposition_37
Here is a pic of our Corn Field out on it's first campaign stop:

There are still dates open on the field's schedule (up to voting day November 6, 2012), contact handmadeheroes@gmail.com if you have some fun ideas for high foot traffic areas to bring or safely park our field.


Vote YES on PROP 37!


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